Support Co-ordinator

The Group’s  Support Co-ordinator Sandra Forsyth is available by phone (0800 632 847) or email  to assist people with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and related conditions, in the Wellington and Horowhenua/Manawatu regions. This includes their families and carers.




2 thoughts on “Support Co-ordinator

  1. Hi there. Saw the Stuff article re teenager with Fibromyalgia. Your group was referenced there as a support for FM so checked out the website. from this, am I correct in assuming your focus is mainly CFS and ME?
    I have had FM ( Rheumatologist diagnosed) for some years and would enjoy group support.
    Kind regards
    Kathryn Dewe

    • Hi Katheryn
      I came across this page just now and saw your message. I am not sure why it did not come through to our gmail address like some others from the website enquiries have. In answer to your question, 70% of people with ME/CFS also have Fibromyalgia. Both conditions are very closely related and were recently described by visiting clinician Dr Charles Lapp (Director of the Hunter Hopkins Center, USA) as brother and sister. Fibro is a chronic pain sensitization but can be accompanied by fatigue and ME/CFS can be accompanied by pain. If pain is the major symptom, then one is likely to get the diagnosis Fibro. But there is quite a grey area in between. ME/CFS is a very complex disease. There are 33 overlapping conditions that are more common in ME/CFS than in the general population with individuals having at least 2-3 overlapping conditions each. We have members in our group with Sjogrens, Ehlers Danlos, IBS…etc The list goes on. If you ask people at our support group meetings who has Fibro, almost always, everyone at the table will put their hand up, regardless of whether their primary diagnosis is ME/CFS or Fibro or one of those other related conditions.

      If you haven’t already been to one of our support group meetings, and would like to attend, please ring our support line 0800 632 847 and speak to Sandra, whom also has Fibro.

      Catherine Kunz-Entwistle

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