Ground Floor, Room One, Russell Keown House, formerly Apex House (three storey building on corner of Queens Drive and Laings Road).

Merav Reid (Medicinal Food Specialist) will be speaking at this month’s meeting. Merav suffered from ME/CFS for many years but manages life very well now and she’s going to talk about how she got to this place. Merav has 35 years research into the biochemistry (Pharmacognosie) and botany of quality Life Healing Food; a Pharmaceutical Dispensary Qualification, Charge Nursing experience; Advanced Massage training. She works alongside results focused, quality medical and science based practitioners.

Come along and share your tips and coping mechanisms. Family and non-members are welcome to join in.

Tea/Coffee/Herbal teas and light gluten free refreshments will be available. A reminder that meetings are ‘fragrance free’ and for you to come and go according to your needs.

If you are not a member and you would like to come along to a meeting, please ring Claire  on 0800 632 847

The venue is one block south of the Queensgate bus stop which is the end of the line for ‘The Flyer’ airport bus. On opposite corners are Rebel Sports & Briscoe’s and the Civic Gardens adjunct to Hutt City Council buildings currently under reconstruction.
There is all day off-street parking to the left of council building, opposite the Dowse Museum. Cost is $1 per hour. Parking on the street is $1.50 – $2 per hour for a maximum of 2hours. There is also a car parking building on Queens Drive.

Warm wishes and I look forward to seeing you there – Claire Laurenson


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