CliniHelp app for ME patients from Griffith University

Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are set to benefit with the dual launch of a specialist Griffith University clinic and smartphone app, both aimed to manage their illness and improve health outcomes.

The first app of its kind, CliniHelp is available from the App Store and will help users track their symptoms on a weekly basis, as well as monitor changes in their condition and share information with their physician.

“A major advantage of CliniHelp is that it will allow physicians to be more informed of their patients’ symptoms when cognition can be a major impediment for patients with CFS,” says Professor Marshall-Gradisnik.

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Buy CliniHelp from iTunes:

“CliniHelp is a comprehensive record-keeping tool specifically designed for patients suffering from:
– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS);
– Multiple Sclerosis (MS); and
– Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

CliniHelp helps you to record your symptoms and track your condition on a weekly basis by keeping detailed records of information relevant to CFS, MS and RA. Your records are conveniently stored in your mobile phone as PDF documents and can be accessed anytime. You can provide these records to your health practitioners who can use this to make better informed decisions in managing your condition.

The information entered by you will be sent to Griffith University, Brisbane / Gold Coast, Australia. This information will help our researchers to better understand CFS, MS and RA. We ultimately hope this would lead to better treatments and diagnostics. The information sent to Griffith University will be anonymous and not include any personal identity details such as your name or address.”


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