Symptoms endured with grace by Clarissa Shepherd

Symptoms endured with grace

It seems that whether you have ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia that the symptoms are numerous. So numerous, in fact, that when we are asked to name them, we can’t remember them all. We , of course , have lots of pain, muscle weakness , muscle spasms, etc.

Many people think that this is all . Wow, if it were all, we would have it made. We then add in the memory loss, speech problems, acid reflux, IBS and the many other stomach issues. Then there’s, vertigo, off balance, dizziness, vision problems, itching and burning skin, yeast in various places, sleep disturbances of various kinds, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, heart palpitations, brain fog, sensitivity to smells, chemicals, medications, noise, light, extreme heat and cold and sheer exhaustion beyond words. Oh and lets not forget, anxiety , depression, fearfulness and panic.

My point is that of all the illnesses that exist, we have some of the most complex symptoms of any. Yet, with all of our many symptoms , are not taken seriously. Who would have all of these things wrong and not be very sick ? No one ! I’m sure there are many that I’ve forgotten because I have memory loss. lol !! No wonder when we go to the doctor we can’t remember what all to discuss. I will make a list and still manage to forget something on my list.

Let’s face it. There is no way than anyone, other than another person who is surviving these monsters inside, can understand. We could tell them over and over and the explanation does not do justice to all that we endure. I am in awe of each of you . You suffer , yet you and reach out to others with compassion. Such bravery , I’ve never seen before.

So , we move ever forward, using every tool we can to help us in whatever way it can. Take these words and carry them with you . Say them over and over. ” I am enduring a nightmare and I am surviving it with grace. I must be kind to myself and love who I am”.

Clarissa Shepherd – Author, Find Your Way- Amazon


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