Fibromyalgia Nerve Pain – there might be more to it than you think.

Twitches are when your nerves misfire or over-fire and cause a muscle to twitch. Sometimes you’ll feel it in an arm where it might feel like a muscle is jumping around for no reason.  For me, when it gets really bad it feels like just constant ripples of movement through my muscles, it sometimes actually causes my limbs to jerk, similar to Parkinsons.  It can cause me to drop things, it can cause me to fall.  It definitely makes me feel weak and tired from the constant uncontrolled movement.

If you think about it, it makes sense that if your nerves are causing your external muscles to have this type of movement, perhaps they are causing the same movements internally.  When my twitching was at its worst (before I started taking Neurontin to help it) I had a few days where I just laid on the couch because the twitching was constant.  But, there were some other issues that I noticed seemed extremely worse during those days.

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