Low Aerobic Energy Production and Pain in Fibromyalgia – Is Your Microcirculation To Blame?

Exercise is highly recommended as an adjunct therapy in Fibromyalgia.

When we’re talking about exercise and FM, however, we’re not talking about pounding the pavement. Intense aerobic exercise is not recommended for fibromyalgia.

A 2010 review of exercise studies that ‘slight to moderate’ intensity aerobic exercise sessions done two to three times a week worked best and that appropriate levels of exercise result in improved fitness but only modestly improved pain. Another review warning not to overdo stated that “the latest findings concerning the neurophysiology of nociception indicate the fundamental importance of assigning workloads that do not exacerbate post-exercise pain.”

Something is stopping many FM patients and almost all ME/CFS patients from participating in intense exercise. Four studies suggest that “something” in ME/CFS involves a damaged aerobic energy production process. We haven’t covered exercise in FM before but guess what – some FM studies suggest the same. Aerobic energy production – which relies on the consumption of oxygen by the muscles -is where we get most of our energy. In fact, when it comes to exercise the study results are very similar.

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