You Are What You Listen to

Why heavy metal and classical fans may be more alike than they think.

When people think of musical choices, the first thing that comes to mind is emotions. So you might be surprised to learn that a person’s musical preference has no clear link to emotional stability, self-esteem, anxiety, or depressive symptoms. Researchers have looked into whether people who experience frequent, intense negative emotions show particular musical tastes, but how you tend to feel on a regular basis is probably less important than how you feel or want to feel on a given day. What we know is that some people have a firm grasp on how music can influence their mood and strategically wield music like a weapon to feel angry, sad, or calm in an upcoming situation. For instance, listening to Intense, violent music works great before lifting weights or taking part in a confrontation (this song just doesn’t cut it).

When you are intelligent about music, you gain a simple toolbox to ease the rough, uncertain terrain of other people.

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