Collection Day is 15 May!

*** Will you be available to help collect on 15 May for WellMe? ***

WellMe is collecting on Friday 15 May in Central Wellington and may be collecting on other days during the week to help raise awareness for ME/CFS and to help us continue the amazing work we are doing for people with ME/CFS in the Wellington Region.

YOUR help is so needed! If you can help, please ring Jen on 0800 632 847 or email

For those who are not familiar with the history of May 12th International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day, it was started in 1992 by Tom Hennessy to promote awareness of chronic neuro-immune diseases, including ME/CFS, FM, MCS and GWI.

Tom chose May 12th as ME/CFS Awareness Day to commemorate the life of Florence Nightingale, who suffered from an illness much like ME/CFS (probably brucellosis) — May 12th is her birthday.



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