Have you adopted a Gluten-Free Diet?

Very interesting! From the ‘father’ of Autoimmune research Dr. Noel Rose:

“Celiac disease is one of the few autoimmune disorders in which the triggering factor is clear: gluten. Gluten-free diets may be important for more than Celiac patients, however. Dr. Rose believes they can help people with other kinds of autoimmune disorders.

“Interestingly,” he added, “the gluten free diet may also be helpful for people who don’t have celiac disease but who have other forms of autoimmune disease. It’s just speculative, but as gluten free diets are more available, other people are trying them and often feel better.” Source

Have you adopted a Gluten-Free diet? Has it made any difference to your symptom management? Is there any help available for non-celiacs to afford Gluten-Free products?


2 thoughts on “Have you adopted a Gluten-Free Diet?

  1. I haven’t been diagnosed but I know I have an intolerance because my chronic pain goes away mostly when I eat gluten free, and so does my chronic fatigue. As for making it more affordable, eat a lot of meat/ chicken and fruits/veggies. Shop around for the best prices on gluten free items.

  2. I whole heartedly reccommend going completely grain free. It was the diet that svaed me from a life spent in bed. I am now able to completely manage my CFS by diet.

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