Sick writer’s beneficiary fight: A tale of Chronic Illness and WINZ?

A Nelson woman is putting her health on the line to fight for the rights of her fellow beneficiaries.

Chronically ill writer Sarah Wilson is fighting against the welfare system she finds “frustrating, depressing, anxiety-inducing, dehumanising and debilitating”.

She had enlisted the help of Nelson Labour MP Maryan Street who read Wilson’s accounts about her dealings with Work and Income and agreed there needed to be “change from the top”.

Wilson was calling on other beneficiaries to send her their stories about dealings with Work and Income, which  Street said she would use to campaign for change.

Read more on Sarah Wilson’s fight to be heard here in an article by Stacey Knott.

Would you consider sending in your experiences with WINZ to either the WellMe group or to Maryan Street herself? We want to make sure our membership is being heard.

You can contact Maryan Street through her Parliamentary Office:

M Street
Parliamentary office
Phone: 04 817 9399

or her Nelson Labour Office:

M Street
Nelson office
Address: 19B Selwyn Place, PO Box 53, Nelson
Phone: 03 545 7282


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