A more central meeting location has been mooted for a while now, and this was discussed at our most-recent meeting. We have the opportunity to hire the Johnsonville Community Centre on the first Monday of each month (as opposed to the current second Monday), starting February 2012.

This venue is over the road from the Johnsonville train station, and there is ample parking in the area. There are also quite a few disability parking spots available outside the venue.

We are seeking urgent feedback on this proposal, so if you feel strongly about it, please let us know as soon as possible.

We are working on developing a team of volunteer drivers to transport members to meetings, and we have approached church communities around the region for assistance. Please contact Sandra if you drive to meetings and are able to provide a lift to others who live nearby.

A map of the Johnsonville Community Centre


  1. Fabulous idea – I really hope you will do this. (I live in Mana, so Lyall Bay is too far given my current energy limits and tiny petrol budget.) I haven’t joined your group yet, but will definitely join if meetings are in J’ville. I’m happy to pick up anyone needing a ride south of Mana. Thanks 🙂

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