“Things That Go Ouch in the Night” – The Many Possible Causes

Dr. Howard Liss and Dr. Donald Liss are co founders of The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, a comprehensive spine, sports and occupational rehabilitation practice. This information is reproduced with kind permission from their educational website – http://www.Rehabmed.net. [Notes on medical terms in brackets are added by ProHealth for the benefit of lay readers.]


Nighttime pain may present as an important symptom several ways.

• There are conditions in which pain or discomfort is felt essentially only at night. These are fairly few but noteworthy.

• Then, there are those conditions which seem to be exacerbated at nighttime. The role of “nighttime” in these conditions’ exacerbation needs to be explored.

• Finally, there are those conditions which are not necessarily worse at night, although perhaps more apparent for their lack of disappearance. In other words, in most conditions one would expect relief at the end of the day when one finally climbs into bed. Lack of improvement of symptoms overnight may also be an important symptom.

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