Adrenal Glandular Pills

The group received this from a member and we think it is worth sharing:

I have my own little contribution to make. For the past six months I have been trying out the regime promoted by Dr.James L. Wilson (USA, of course). You can find the details on the website run by the NZ distributors at Briefly, it consists of three tablets, being special formulation of Vit.C., B vitamins and “a proprietary blend of porcine adrenal, gonadal, hypothalamus and pituitary concentrates that have been processed to remove hormones. ”

The B vitamin complex is high in Vit B5, which Adele Davis (American nutritionist…who is old enough to rmember “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit”?) called the “stress vitamin.” Most Vit B mixes have only a tiny amount of it.

How many of each of these three you take daily, is determined by a questionnaire which you can complete and mark yourself, to gain a picture of how severe is your adrenal dysfunction. Mine came out as “mild” which meant I should take one dose three times daily. At greater severity you’d take two, or three of each,, three times daily. I ordered them through the medical herbalist I have been seeing for the past couple of years. Each pack of 150 tabs was about $55 as I recall, delivered. Therefore, my first delivery cost me about $165.

As it happened, I was unable to tolerate three doses daily. The third dose at dinner time disturbed my sleep, so I cut it down to two doses daily…at breakfast and lunch. In addition, the B vitamin mixture turned out to be to strong for me….I forget which of the component vitamins Louise (the herbalist) thought would be causing my urinary discomfort, but she advised me to break each tablet in half. Two half B vits. daily I can tolerate.

Now the important bit… helpful has it been???

About three months into the regime (amended as above), I found I was sometimes not needing to lie down in the late afternoon. This continued to improve until now, unless I have some very heavy energy drain (physical, mental or emotional), I do not need to rest in the late afternoon. In other words, I can go a full day without lying down. Not at full tilt, of course. I do pace myself as before.

I have now finished my second course of the Vit C and the porcine extracts, while having quite a lot of the Vit B mix left. I intend of keep taking that until it’s finished, and then review.

Some members have reported getting products at a good price from iHerb in the USA. Postage is very reasonable they say.

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