Proteins on the Brain: Spinal Tapping for ME/CFS (March, 2010) by Cort Johnson

In 2008 I participated in Dr. Baraniuk’s spinal tap study at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Some readers mayamyloids, CFS and the brain remember how exciting Dr. Baraniuk’s first proteome study was; it was the easy winner of the 2006 Phoenix Rising Paper of the Year. The study suggested that chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) patients had unusual proteins in their cerebral spinal fluid.

These results suggested that clumps of abnormally folded proteins could be causing small punctures in the blood vessels of ME/CFS patients brains. These punctures, in turn, could cause blood to leak out into the brain causing the symptoms of ME/CFS. This, the first attempt at finding a protein (as opposed to gene) signature, was stunningly successful in its ability to clearly elucidate a possible cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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