Online questionnaire


As an MSc student at the University of St Andrews, I am currently researching the experiences of those with ME/CFS, with particular emphasis on the role of patient-provider communication. I have an online questionnaire which aims to look at whether there is any direct impact from the experiences ME/CFS sufferers may receive from their primary health care contact. The questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes and contains four different sections and all responses are kept completely confidential. There has been a substantial amount of work conducted within the area of patient-provider communication and its ’ impact on those with ME/CFS.

However, this study aims to provide a clear and concise analysis linking two factors together and hopefully providing adequate feedback to health practitioners that might ultimately be useful in highlighting the needs of ME/CFS sufferers.

The website for my questionnaire is:

The survey will be running until 01.07.10.

I really feel that this is an area that, given enough responses, could provide substantial results to better the treatment patients receive by their doctors and therefore, feel the study is valid and of benefit to your readers.

Ceara Hayden