MPs' Support Group Members

The Members of the MP Support Group as at May 15 2002 are:

  • Hon Jim Anderton
  • Tim Barnett
  • Georgina Beyer
  • Sue Bradford
  • Phillida Bunkle – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Kevin Campbell – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Hon Chris Carter
  • Steve Chadwick
  • Helen Duncan
  • Hon Harry Duynhoven
  • Hon Ruth Dyson
  • Jeanette Fitzsimons
  • Grant Gillon – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Liz Gordon – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Joe Hawke – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt
  • Sue Kedgley
  • Judy Keall – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Winnie Laban
  • Hon Sandra Lee – Not elected 16/8/02
  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Jill Pettis
  • Matt Robson
  • Hon Dover Samuels
  • Hon Judtih Tizard

We encourage all New Zealanders who suffer from CFS/ME, or caregivers, to write to these MPs thanking them for their support. The mail address is
Parliament Buildings, Wellington.
You do not need a stamp
The email address is


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