The group is lucky to have a resident poet who often provides us with verse.

M.E. And Me.

I’d like to feel better
      But M.E. has me
In its restful grip
I let many things slip
Friends, work, chores and my body
      Waist, chest, feet, no-body
Knows the trouble I’ve seen
Sometimes to do
      The gale-force wind shuffle
In the stillness of home
An unbalanced tumble
      Into the bed
Rest for the body
      And for the head
One way that M.E.
      Greatly benefits me
Is the opportunity
      It allows for rest, sleep
The comfort I keep
      Thoughts now more deep
Slowing it all down
      In busy city Welling-town
I get restfully around
      And gently get better.

I’m Cured

I’ve been looking at treatment
I’m meant to be treated
I need a test for my meat
   Which now malfunctions
So I may not go out socially much
   To any for example, functions
And my not eat any meat
   Except perhaps cheap luncheon
      For luncheon
I’m cautious and pensive
   As any treatment must be comprehensive
It’s been found yet it is
   Intensive, difficult and expensive
Any illness could be pre-empted
   By a test or a cure
This logic isn’t pure
As I sampled my solution
The cure was the cause
That I had not ignored
Rather, absorbed
So thinking the cure would do the trick
I have made myself thoroughly sick.

I’m Allergic to The Wairarapa.

I’m allergic to everything
         In the Wairarapa
I cannot take anything to do with anything
         In the area
Or over the hill
         Or I am over the hill
It’s much scarier to me
         I’d prefer not to see
Anyone in the country
Or wine, farms, even their sea,
It’s a Wairarapa allergy

Also I cannot breathe at night
         If I sleep then I die
If I don’t then I diet
         As I never am able to eat
Because I’m allergic to yeast,
         Meat, and most things you eat
So I’m improving a treat
         As long as I don’t have a treat,
Anything to eat, no breathing or sleep,
         At night.
And stay out of the Wairarapa
         Or in my allergy might
Rise up out of sight
So anything s O.K.
That keeps me alive.